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Восстановление дисков своими руками. Покраска авто дисков.

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Все видео пользователя: Alexander Dibrov.

Видео для тех кто хочет самостоятельно, недорого восстановить автомобильные диски.

Все этапы восстановления шлифовка, грунтовка, покраска автомобильных дисков своими руками.

Перечень инструментов необходимых для восстановления дисков.

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All hi guys today decided reestablish restore their old wheels want to show how it is.

Do the truth the first time I will do it I think it's like this is my old I can see the disks here them a little sanding.

Primed and painted in a new beautiful white color that for this it will be necessary first of all You need a device in order for them to.

To grind, for this we will use a drill, why not Bulgarian because the Bulgarians have many turnover, and for the drills sold here is this Here's a great thing that is inserted and using an adjustable drill turn.

You can set the maximum number of You need to turn around here this cap on the Velcro.

Very well change all the old drives for grinding is better to use minimal.

Granularity, I've taken 180 glue yourself and immediately start polishing here also bought.

Primer is necessary ground in order to The grip was good with paint and with metal and krasotochka white, well, let's we will coat.

As you can see it's nice enough all small is removed even not strongly.

Small scratches at low speed drill is very good at cleaning then after this we will need discs preferably all on a little.

So that the soil is well bonded with surface and paint afterwards well.

Kept, well, that's the way it looks the fully polished disk went through.

Everywhere shkurochkoy for good soil took that there was a coupling with the disk as follows.

So we will continue the process I have to drive discs.

Home because on the street not paint now get the temperature + 6 degrees so that normal temperature was ambient environment and the disks themselves need to be moved to a warm room and on the street strongly dusty therefore only covered with soil or paint immediately the dust will sit it will be wrong so we will paint at home all closed that there is not a dirty bath.

Here's how they noticed I did not take off the rubber before how to paint discs.

So we will close the rubber so that stain glue painting tape on this newspaper and everything will be a disk ready for painting.

So well, that's how our disk looks closed my completely rubber closed.

From the disk so as not to get dirty principle to start priming the soil.

Choose your own paint, depending on the size of your disks see, I took 2 cans 500 Miles of Liters of Soil and 2.

White paint let's see how it will suffice so purely at random picked up but I think that.

Enough and you look, it's on 16 drives, and 14 inches less should be.

And depending on the shape of course here are 5 petals that is, the principle is easy paint over if there is a lot spokes for it will go more paint paint at a distance of up to 25-30 centimeters so that there is no squeak so that there is not but first we will primer Before priming you need a can Shake well for about two minutes.

Degreased, loosened, you can start priming.

The soil is also of such a white color that is good paint white ground under.

Him too white.

The same self primer all four discs after priming we leave the disks somewhere.

Two hours for what would be dried up so in the instructions are written, I can say that.

The ground is missing for a very long time 500 milliliters was enough for me to cover 4 disk layer by 3 it will be somewhere along the my fourth layer that is I think that.

Two paint cans of one can the ground is enough for me, that is, one.

The balloon of the ground will remain superfluous but more is not less.

Well, friends like this look like ours primed discs they have already dried up in the instructions it is written that dries up for two hours but.

It really was about forty minutes later completely dry is possible in principle painting a can is really good but I I will close the company but the can very well.

Enough really for 4 or even five times paint discs and paint well.

Spraying is not exactly right there sometimes in spray cannon sometimes drops splashes here clearly covered well and quickly closed.

Good good acrylic primer well now we will paint the soil is already dry, I think even that to me really one cans.

Enough paint is written exactly Wheel spray that is, wheel is a disc paint for discs.

Special paint will also be times on 3 I think for sure.

We always try to paint lightly and with a little application, it is better to paint in.

Multiple layers than in one thick because in any way it will float for so that there are no tides in the several times but a small amount paints.

After painting it is better to turn the disc so that the paint does not swim namely clearly lay in the disk and frozen.

Well, that's actually what we got with Our discs took off our applications.

Took off the newspaper that covered the rubber Do not spoil the rubber, the wheels themselves.

Were painted very much even it is not bad Well where exactly in the curb and I drove.

Of course you can see all the same on metal but in whole small scratches for.

Polished well on disc paint I got down well, so here we have it.

Result of the issue of restoration disks this is 45 hryvnia given for the nozzle.

For a drill for grinding plus 5 grivnas 6 grinding discs and paint can.

Cost 80 hryvnia I took two soil 2 paint but in fact on these 16 disks I went one by one balloon at the ground and paint.

If you have more drives with more this complex pattern has a lot of spokes.

Probably for 2 cans you need to take and then this is enough for this result.

Friends thanks for watching all the luck, subscribe, till!!!

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